Social Programs Workgroup

Chair: SSRG Project Officer

The workgroup meets each month to share information about managing social programs and promote social inclusion.

For more information and meeting dates, contact the Project Officer on 8384 0758 or email


The Social Programs Workgroup is meeting throughout 2023, discussing and exploring initiatives around social proscribing, activities and the Aged Care Reforms.

Please contact SSRG for meeting dates.



Meetings are held on Thursdays from 2-4pm, on the following dates:

May 2022 minutes(PDF, 130KB)

June 2022 minutes(PDF, 145KB)

July 2022 minutes(PDF, 137KB)

August 2022 - informal information sharing (no minutes taken)

September 2022 minutes(PDF, 152KB)

October 2022 minutes(PDF, 136KB)

November - informal information sharing (no minutes taken)