The SSRG provides opportunities for services who work with the CHSP target group to come together to work collaboratively on joint initiatives and to share information and resources that ultimately improve services to consumers. The project is directed by its members, through the Steering Committee and workgroups. Managers and Executive Managers from across the sector, nominate to stand for the Steering Committee every two years or as positions become vacant. They meet at least bi-monthly and discuss emerging issues across the sector and monitor and support workgroup projects.

Workgroups are open to membership from organisations who provide services to or engage with the CHSP target group. They are supported by the Project Officer to develop and deliver collaborative projects and to network and share information.

Workgroups are valid for the life of a particular project. Upon completion they can then either disband or identify a new project.

If you are not yet a member but are interested in becoming involved you can view the information in each workgroup folder to see when they meet and what their project is. If you require further information please contact the Project Officer on 8384 0758 or email