Because I Can

Because I Can is a short taster workshop focusing on wellness, resilience and self-efficacy. It is a simple intervention to re-energise, empower and increase confidence of participants.

The Eastern Collaborative Project (ECP) partnered with the Southern Services Reform Group (SSRG) to develop a workshop promoting consumer independence, well-being, quality of life and capacity to remain living in a community of choice. The Because I Can program was initially written by consultants, Leap SA, in response to a project plan produced by the ECP and SSRG. The work was inspired by the Stanford Chronic Disease Self-Management model which was developed by Professor Kate Lorig and others at the Stanford School of Medicine, Stanford University in California (2006). This model focuses on peer leadership - participants learn from each other through sharing experiences and collective problem solving.

This innovative program is based on principles that reflect a self-management model: client-centred practice, managing your own care and support, partnership and active participation, informed decision making and goal orientated practice embedded into a solution focused approach.

Using an action research methodology, the workshop program was delivered to 104 participants in nine separate trials that informed program modifications and review. The changes included the development of the Driving Wheel resource and the concept of a Tool Kit (goal setting, decision making and problem solving) to overcome barriers to arrive at the Destinations (eat wisely, natural exercise, managing tiredness, understanding emotions, relaxation and breathing, belonging and support networks, positive self talk and communication skills).

Since 2012 Because I Can workshop has been delivered to a range of organisations and communities in South Australia. If you would like to know more about Because I Can, please feel free to contact SSRG.