Dementia Carers Co-Production Workgroup

Chair: SSRG Project Officer

The Dementia Carers Co-Production Workgroup is made up of carers who care for a loved one with dementia, and coordinators from key organisations.

The workgroup meets monthly to work on projects specific to carers, through a co-design process. The aim of the projects is to support other carers in similar situations by sharing their experiences and journey.

For more information please contact the Project Officer on 8384 0758 or send an email to

Dementia Carers co-production artwork


The Carers Workgroup is currently meeting to update project resources. These resources include the Carer Resource Guide and the Carer Toolkit, and will be ready for re-distribution in 2023.



The Carers Workgroup is currently working on the Carers Toolbox project, expected to be finalised by June 2022. The resource, in the form of a book, aims to assist carers in navigating experiences of day to day life. 


City of Onkaparinga Wellness for Carers (Respite Program) and City of Mitcham working with the workgroup to co-design a handout to give a new carers joining the respite program. The carers are exploring a wellness approach.


During 2020, the workgroup started exploring carers wellbeing through the lens of COVID-19.


The 2019 Dementia Workgroup has begun working on a Dementia Friendly Communities project. 

Dementia Friendly Communities summary 2019(PDF, 125KB)