Southern Council Collaboration

Southern Council Collaboration volunteers
With the support of the Southern Services Reform Group, the cities of Holdfast Bay, Marion, Mitcham and Onkaparinga, collaborate to deliver a range of projects and a suite of wellbeing programs.



Quad Council Community Calendar

The calendar was developed in collaboration with councils and community members. Thank you to everyone who has been involved in the design and inspiration for the content. We would also like to thank the people from our community who are featured in the photos and finally, many thanks to our valuable volunteers who make a significant contribution.

2024 calendar

This years theme was set around being ageless. Age has no limitations; we can pursue our dreams, embrace new experiences and connect with others as we celebrate every stage of life, fueling our joys, our passions, and our aspirations. The calendar captures people living in our communities, engaging in council activities/initiatives. 

SSRG 2024 Calendar

2022 calendar

The theme was set around wellbeing, and people living and engaging in a range of activities in their local councils. The activities highlighted the benefits of eating well, movement, keeping your brain active and social connections.


2022 calendar

2021 calendar

The calendar highlights the range of services that the four southern metro councils provide for older people living in the community, such as social programs, transport, meals, keeping physically active and being a lifelong learner. Our community champions co-designed the calendar, incorporating inspirational thoughts and wellness tips.


2021 Calendar


The suite of wellbeing programs include

Living Well Matters

Designed by older people for older people, this FREE bespoke program is available to anyone over 60. There are five topics covering Sleep, Brain Health, Movement, Food and Social Connections.

Topics are presented individually, participants can attend sessions that are of interest to them. Participants can attend an in-person workshop, where safe to do so, as this allows the lived experience of the other participants to be shared and a friendly atmosphere help you make positive changes.

However, if this is not possible participants may join a small group facilitated workshop over ZOOM or can watch a recorded video of the presentation in the comfort and safety of their own home.

For more information contact Judith Lowe, Active Ageing Project Officer on 8384 0161 or email

There are five topics covering Sleep, Brain Health, Movement, Food and Social Connections. To see more about these topics please click here





Wellbeing & Resilience Program

The Wellbeing and Resilience Program is delivered to residents across the southern region. The free six week program is based on positive psychology, PERMA framework and utilising a strengths-based approach to build capacity and empower residents. The aim of the program is to enable older people to withstand and adapt to changes in everyday life, improve quality of life, enhance wellbeing, confidence and optimism. This is done through a series of six workshops (2.5 hours each workshop) exploring a range of skills, such as:

  • Growth Mindset
  • Event-Thought-Reaction
  • Gratitude
  • What’s Most Important
  • Balance Your Thinking
  • Active Constructive Thinking
  • Mindfulness
  • Interpersonal Problem Solving
  • Capitalising on Strengths
  • Values Based Goals

Over 300 residents have participated in the program so far.

Additionally, since 2018 we have wellbeing community champions, who have undertaken train-the-trainer and are involved in the Wellbeing and Resilience Program, delivering skills, engaged as peer mentors, and promoting the importance of wellbeing across the southern region.

Men’s specific sessions have been held, facilitated by the male champions, and were a great success.


Because I Can

The Because I Can workshop aims to promote self-management, independence and autonomy through choice and control.

In the free, one off (3.5 hour workshop) participants unpack the toolbox of problem-solving, decision making and goal setting, and go on to explore destinations such as:

  • Eat wisely
  • Natural exercise
  • Managing tiredness
  • Understanding emotions
  • Relaxation & breathing
  • Belonging & support
  • Self-talk
  • Communication skills

Participants go away from the workshop and implement their plans.


Moving Towards Wellness

The Moving Towards Wellness program is a free six week (2.5 hours each workshop) evidence-based self-management workshop focusing on self-efficacy that gives participants a range of tools and action plans to be implemented for day-to-day living and managing chronic disease. The program is based on Stanford University’s Chronic Disease Self-Management model which was developed by Professor Kate Lorig and others at the Stanford School of Medicine, Stanford University in California.


Mindset for Life

The Mindset for Life program aims to look at the six phases of retirement, exploring what matters most to participants and how they would like to spend their time.

Mindset for Life is a free three session program (2.5 hours each session) designed to help participants think about their mindset.

The program is aimed at people who are approaching retirement or have recently retired.

*Please note that this program purposely does not look at financial aspects of retirement.