War Against Loneliness

war against lonliness

Inspiring, motivating and encouraging people to connect.

Weapons for the war

As taken from the inspirational 2015-16 Calendar(PDF, 18MB).

  • Interact
    There are all sorts of local, social activities available. Get involved with something you love doing or, better yet, try something you’ve never done before.

  • Relax
    This time is about you. Enjoy your own space and company. Embrace contentment in solitude and indulge in things you love.

  • Move 
    Find creative ways to integrate physical activity into daily life. Take a stroll on the beach, potter in the garden, complete some light housework or simply go shopping. Whatever you can manage, keep it up and make physical activity work for you.

  • Initiate 
    Be brave. Take risks. Do new things and invite others to join you. Develop plans and make them happen.

  • Meditate: The Season's Senses
    Every season has it's own unique characteristics. Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring can have very different effects on our lifestyle choices and general wellbeing. We can not control the seasons, but we can choose the way they make us feel. By paying attention to the season's effects on our surroundings, we become more aware of the magic around us, and  how our senses respond. This provides the perfect foundation to developing a positive outlook in all things.

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