Wellness and Reablement in Practice

wellness & reablement

The SA Collaborative Projects are pleased to release our latest resource - Wellness and Reablement in Practice: A training and learning guide

We have developed a training and learning guide for staff delivering Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) services. 

‘Wellness and Reablement’ is a key deliverable of CHSP, and a reportable requirement of service delivery.  

The training and learning guide comprises of two elements: 

The guide utilises common scenarios involving older people and service providers. It gives staff an opportunity to generate valuable discussions and unpack best practice models to these situations.  

The videos were filmed here in South Australia using local actors. The guide was developed collaboratively with aged care service providers. 

The training and learning guide can be utilised in diverse ways and delivered to either small or larger groups. 

We have developed workshops in partnership with the Better Practice Project. The workshops will be available in your region through Collaborative Project Officers.