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Welcome to the Southern Services Reform Group (SSRG) website. This website has been developed as a project tool of the SSRG Collaborative Project.

The Southern Services Reform Group (SSRG) is a Collaborative Project supported by funding from the Australian Government under the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP).

The project aims to support the implementation of the Commonwealth Home Support Programme and other aged care reforms, build capacity of the aged care sector, establish and maintain partnerships and support best practice and innovation.

The project is supported by its members, through the Steering Committee and workgroups. Managers from across the sector, nominate to stand for the Steering Committee every two years or as positions become vacant. They meet at least bi-monthly and discuss emerging issues across the sector and monitor and support workgroup projects.

Current priorities of SSRG:

Aged Care Reforms

Wellness and Reablement

Research to inform best practice

Ageing and Technology


The goals of the project include:


  • Developing creative and innovative ways of delivering the Commonwealth Home Support Programme
  • Identifying and promoting opportunities for service innovation and reform
  • Increasing networks and the breadth of partnerships
  • Encouraging efficient and effective use of resources within the Commonwealth Home Support Programme

Creating opportunities for service providers in the aged care sector to work collaboratively together


Workgroups are comprised of representatives from service providers who offer services to the Commonwealth Home Support Programme target group. Workgroups are established to focus on regionally specific projects. It is also an opportuntiy for collaboration and sharing.


Workgroups established in 2016:


Aged Care Pathways

Aged Care Reforms

Ageing and Technology



This website has been developed to support efficient communication across the sector and to record and promote the project's activities and achievements.

If you would like more information about the project contact the Project Officer at info@ssrg.org.au or phone 8384 0758.

Collaborative Projects Strategic Aims flyer
Strategic Aims flyer


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