Dementia Co-Production Workgroup

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A Dementia Workgroup co-production project.



Co-production meetings


Chair: Sally Warnes (SSRG Project Officer)


The 2019 Dementia Workgroup has begun working on a Dementia Friendly Communities project.
For more information please contact the Project Officer on 8384 0758 or send an email to [email protected]

Meeting dates for 2019




9 April


Alwyndor Aged Care, Hove

 7 May


Alwyndor Aged Care, Hove


Dementia Friendly Communities Summary 2019.pdf125.22 KB
Carer life phases memory loss dementia updated May 2018.pdf423.44 KB
Dementia Co Production Session Notes week 5.pdf382.55 KB
Dementia Co Production Session Notes week 4.pdf202.02 KB
Dementia workgroup co-production workshop 3.pdf476.66 KB
Dementia workgroup co-production workshop 2.pdf480.57 KB
Dementia workgroup minutes July 2017.pdf510.66 KB
Co-production Workshop notes November 2017.pdf432.52 KB
dementia_workgroup_minutes_june_2017.pdf496.83 KB
dementia_workgroup_minutes_april_2017.pdf507.66 KB
dementia_workgroup_minutes_march_2017.pdf351.46 KB
Dementia Workgroup Minutes February 2017.pdf90.2 KB
Dementia Link Worker Client Referral Form.pdf168.98 KB
Dementia Workgroup Summary of Driving and Dementia Forum Workshop.pdf74.39 KB