2022 Hot Topics

Hot Topic 2022

The Southern Services Reform Group and the Hills Positive Ageing Project proudly brings to you Hot Topics.

A series of interactive HOT TOPIC sessions to discuss, learn, innovate and action.

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This year’s Hot Topic series is on Reforms, Milestones & Actions.

With transition to the new Support at Home program proposed to start in July 2023, we will begin to explore some of the key reforms, consultations and anticipated timelines. The proposed new Support at Home program would reform all aspects of the delivery of in-home aged care, assessment, reablement and restorative care, individualised support plans, service inclusions, funding of providers and regulation.

The Department will consult in 2022 on aspects of the Support at Home Program to inform a new design. These consultations will include workshops, focus groups and bilateral discussions. Link here: https://agedcareengagement.health.gov.au/