Working Carers Project

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Working Carers Project

Carers in the workplace are often unaware they are carers. The research suggests that predominantly middle aged women (skilled and experienced workers) are shouldering most of the aged care plus there is pressure for them to stay in the workforce to alleviate the skilled workforce shortage. They are facing the issue of juggling paid employment with their caring responsibilities. There is also evidence that services and support are not accessed until a crisis situation has occurred. This project aims to create awareness and promote preventative measures by informing both employers and employees about working carers. Working carers will be given information about the impact of caring and how to access support services which will promote better outcomes for both carer and care recipient.

The project involved developing a resource to raise awareness in the workplace about working carers, including the impact of caring and where carers can access services. The resource package will be aimed at both employer and employee.

For more information about Working Carers contact the Carer organisations listed in the brochure.


Working Carers Resource Pack



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