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One of the impacts of caring for a long time is becoming socially isolated.  It may feel strange and awkward to begin re- building relationships with friends, relatives or new acquaintances.  Audrey Jenkinson (2004) in her book Past Caring, The Beginning Not The End talks about not being afraid to make the first move to reconnect with old friends. Prepare yourself, friends lives may have moved on in a way you wish yours has. They may have travelled or progressed in their career.  Accept that your life has been different but perhaps now the neglected areas of your life can be addressed. It is easy to feel jealous and resentful but perhaps it could be used as an opportunity to find out all about your friends experiences. You may be able to find out useful information from what they share with you. You may also find that you no longer have anything in common with your friend…and this is okay…it’s life!

“Recovering a social life checklist:

  •     Sharing yourself with others in honesty and truth
  •     Enjoying a new hobby or sport
  •     Doing some voluntary work, something you care about but that’s also fun for you
  •     Ringing up old friends, new friends
  •     Being part of a group, a support group or some other group that stands for something you believe in
  •     Seeking help when you need to
  •     Mending old family quarrels for no other reason than you want to
  •     Sharing memories and laughing
  •     Relating to others, valuing yourself and others

Having a social life!”  (Audrey Jenkinson, 2004)

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