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Recreation can be viewed as something that takes you out of your normal routine. If you are still feeling exhausted go out for only an hour or two. Ask a friend to go with you and do something, an activity, even just to sit and chat.

Possibilities for recreation (adapted from Audrey Jenkinson, 2004, Past Caring, The Beginning Not The End)

  •     Visit a photographic exhibition or art gallery
  •     Walk barefoot along the beach
  •     Browse around a book shop or antique shop
  •     A gentle exercise class or yoga
  •     A walk in the Botanical Gardens
  •     Visit the museum
  •     Join a book group
  •     Paint or make pottery
  •     Visit charity shops for pre-loved clothes and bric-a-brac
  •     Go to the cinema (and have a choc-top)
  •     Ten pin bowling
  •     Learn a new language
  •     A walk in the hills


“When you feel that you may never know joy again, that everything is pointless and meaningless, acknowledge that this is a healthy natural response to the trauma you have been through. Let your spirit know that you understand how it feels and that you are there to help it to recover those feelings when it feels ready.” (Audrey Jenkinson, 2004, p214)

Below are a number of links to websites giving even more possibilities of activities to become involved in and to experience some joy and laughter.

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