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This online resource has been created to support post carers

Who is a carer? A carer is someone who is providing support to a family member or friend who has a disability or illness and cannot live independently without assistance.

What is post-caring? Many terms are used when a carers’ role changes including relinquished carer, past carer and former carer. These terms refer to a time when a loved one has gone into permanent care or has passed away.

Post caring can be a time when individuals experience a loss of identity, isolation, employment concerns, health issues and possibly financial disadvantage. The future can be daunting (Commonwealth Carer Resource Centre, Carers NSW, 2006).

Much of a carer’s time and emotional energy has been focused on caring for someone and when it changes, there can be a real feeling of loss. There are two different ways the caring role transforms – the person may die or they move into a residential care facility. It is hoped that this resource will be helpful to both situations and embedded into the information will be specific strategies for each of these circumstances.

There is a theory that there are four stages of caring – the Shock Stage, Reality Stage, Acceptance Stage and Life After Caring (Carers UK). This resource is all about the fourth stage, Life After Caring, which involves finding a new purpose in life. It can be a sad and confusing time, but also it is a period of change, of reflection and a time to forge ahead through the mist. These ideas are symbolised by the different coloured kites, flying high...reviewing the past caring experience and moving towards a new life perspective. The kites also represent playfulness, colour, vitality, freshness, movement and fun. Supporting former carers to find their feet, link to valuable information and make informed decisions is the aim of this resource created by the Southern Services Reform Group, Carer Issues Workgroup.  

Caregivers are often the casualties, the hidden victims. No one sees the sacrifices they make.


Judith L. London





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