Join the War Against Loneliness

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Join the campaign against loneliness by taking a photo of the Mini Umby in a favourite community space or event.



Alex Finoggenoff                                          Julie Wilhelm                                                                Lyn Openshaw


Jenny Bennett and Vivienne Tomlinson                          Teresa Tindley



Debra Rigney, Kate Kenning, Sally Warnes, Margaret Potts, Brenda Oakey

Clare Kelly and Adam Mayne at Elizabeth House - Christies Downs

                     What's Stopping You? 


                                                                              Start from this moment.

                                                              Start because you know you can. Start small.

                                                                        Victory is made in many small steps.

                                                             We may not win every battle, but every time we

                                                                   face a challenge we grow a little stronger.

                                                       We may fight for different reasons; our own unique paths

                                                     have brought us here, but united we stand against loneliness.

                                                                         Together we can make a change.

                                                     Revolution begins with a decision to change life for the better.

                                                         Allow the spark to ignite. Reach out, connect, and achieve.

                                                           Remember, we are just as powerful when we start small.


Weapons for the War

as taken from the 2015 - 2016 calendar, down load here: Inspirational Calendar



There are all sorts of local, social activities available. Get involved with something you love doing or, better yet, try something you’ve never done before.


This time is about you. Enjoy your own space and company. Embrace contentment in solitude and indulge in things you love.


Find creative ways to integrate physical activity into daily life. Take a stroll on the beach, potter in the garden, complete some light housework or simply go shopping. Whatever you can manage, keep it up and make physical activity work for you.


Be brave. Take risks. Do new things and invite others to join you. Develop plans and make them happen.



The following tools will help you find places and activities of interest:

SA Community:

Clubs to join:

University of the Third Age:

Active Ageing Australia:

Meet Up Adelaide:

Volunteering SA & NT:


Art Gallery of South Australia:

Nature Walks:

Bookclub Meet Up:

Antiques & collectible shops:

Contact your council for additional help in finding resources, services and activities.

Meditate: The Season's Senses

Every season has it's own unique characteristics. Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring can have very different effects on our lifestyle choices and general wellbeing. We can not control the seasons, but we can choose the way they make us feel. By paying attention to the season's effects on our surroundings, we become more aware of the magic around us, and  how our senses respond. This provides the perfect foundation to developing a positive outlook in all things.


The War Against Loneliness included infromation from the following projects:

Ignite Your Spark: Motivating and Inpiring people to connect in social activities

Life After Caring: Infomation and support for post carers and their families

Two Hats...Too Hard?: The demands of juggling paid employment with a personal caring role

Seniors Southern Services Directory App: A service directory and information app

I Can workshop: Practical tools to promote positive decisions and actions for wellbeing

Memory Hub: A central collection of resources focusing on memory loss and brain-health.



Thank you to the SSRG Steering Committee and all of the work groups including Carer Issues, Dementia, Social Inclusion, In Home Services and consumer groups. Thank you also to the Eastern Collaborative Projects. Collaboration has made this possible.


Flash mob

The War Againist Loneliness aims to inspire, motivate and encourage people to connect , reducing social isolation and loneliness by bringing people together under the one umbrella.


The project was launched in Ramsay Place, Noarlunga Centre on 23 July 2015.

Click here to view the Ramsay Place video.

Click here to view the Every Generation Onkaparinga video.